IT Projects Manager & Technical Leader
Microsoft .NET Senior Software Architect
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
16 years of experience

Date of birth:May 24, 1976
Address:Paris, France
« Plan, animate, design, develop and progress together because there is no wealth without men or success without teams... »

Skills Summary :

IT Projects management, planning and technical supervision.
Customer needs analysis and translation into technical specifications.
Functional and technical specifications writing.
Application architecture definition.
Complex business modules design and development.
Standards of code quality and development definition.
Proof of Concepts design and development.
IT processes quality implementation and deliverables follow-up.
Software Engineering Procedures (SEP) processes establishment.
Electronic Documents Management & dematerialization processes establishment.

Profile Strong Points :

Offshore Project Management. Strong adaptability.
Microsoft Certified (MCP) in .NET development since 2004.
Trilingual with a good English level.

Professional Experience

February 2016 - July 2018

.NET Senior Architect & Technical Leader

AXA - Nanterre - France
2 years and 5 months

Projects : FrontGED - PDF Invoice – DEMAT CG
FrontGED is the front-end Web application of Axa Documents Management (GED). It’s an extranet used by all Axa agents to access and enrich the GED documents.

PDF Invoice is a distributed system of Batchs allowing Axa suppliers to send their invoices directly by email. This system reduces invoice processing times and suppliers payment times. The PDF Invoice engine has reduced the "paper handling" of Axa suppliers' invoices processing by ~ 87% in one year.

DEMAT CG is a Web widget application that plugs into other Axa information systems. It allows to dematerialize the general conditions and documents produced Axa. The DEMAT CG application won the 4th "Jury's Choice" prize for all Axa applications developed in 2017.

In addition to the above projects, I was in charge of the role of "NPI Driver - New Engineering Practices AXA France" within the NPI IWN AXA Committee. The objective was to evaluate, with other NPI pilots, the existing engineering practices and propose methods and processes to improve the technical and qualitative efficiency of applications and reduce the Time To Market.

Technical Environment :
Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6, Microsoft Cloud Azure, JQuery, JSON, Web API 2, MVC 5, C#, VB.NET, Application Insight, SQL Server 2014, SQL Azure Database, LINQ, Swagger, Visual Studio Team Service, Git-Hub, Agile: Scrum et Kanban.

April 2015 - Jannuary 2016

Technical Project Manager & Web Architect

Medinet Internet Service - France
11 months

Projects : – Classifieds Portal
Conception and development of - Medical classifieds : A service of medical and paramedical advertisements destined to the medical and paramedical professionals. The technical solution of was destined to ensure its portability under the Mono framwork and to work under a Linux / Ubuntu Server environment. It has been coded in “Responsive” mode for optimal display on different devices.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 - Mono .NET - Microsoft SQL Server - MySql - Ngnix - C# - ASP.NET - .NET Web Services.

June 2014 - March 2015

Microsoft .NET Software Architect

Banque Caisse d'Epargne - ITCE - France
10 months

Projects : Caisse d’Epargne Web Portal
Design and technical support of Caisse d’Epargne IT - ITCE in its migration of its portal to a new platform with a responsive implementation of E-commerce forms.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - C# - ASP.NET - .NET Web Services.

Jully 2014 - May 2015

Technical Project Manager & Scrum Master

Orange Business Services - France Telecom - France
11 months

Projects : UCF Software Technical Recast
Technical Project Manager and Scrum Master at Orange Business Services for the technical overhaul of an application of the Union des Caisses de France UCF.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 – Microsoft TFS 2013 - C# - WinForms.

Jully 2014 - May 2015

Technical Leader & Microsoft .NET Architect

Nomadvance - Hubone - France
11 months

Projects : TNT Express Mobility Engine
Architecture design and implementation of a mobile application generator. The application generator is multi-platform and allows to define mobile applications and their UI interactions into XML files. The XML files are interpreted by embedded engine which allows to present the final application.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 - C# - ASP.NET - Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft Windows CE, Web Services .NET.

February 2009 - February 2011

.NET Technical Project Manager

24 months

Projects : CIME – Electronic Document Management (EDM) Application
Architecture design and development of the Cime application, an application to index and synchronize URSSAF mail between Automatic Document Reading (ADL), Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Electronic Document Legal Archiving( SAEL) solutions.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 - C# - .NET Framework 2.0 – Framework Spring - Nhibernate – Framework Mono Framework - PostgreSQL - MySQL, PHP 5 – Librairie ExtJs – Web Services SOAP.

December 2007 - December 2008

Technical Project Manager & Scrum Master

Fiducial - France
12 months

Projects : Fiducial GED Extranet
Design and modeling of the Document Management Workflow (GED) of Fiducial’s Intranet.
Technical design and development of the human ressources Intranet.
Technical design and development of the Collective Agreements Management Extranet.
Automated migration of many customer web sites from Active Server Pages 1.0 to Microsoft ASP.NET.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 - C# - ASP.NET - Framework .NET Mono - .NET Framework 2.0 - Microsoft Visual Souce Safe - Oracle 10g - PostgreSQL - Flyspray - Visual Basic 6.0 - Active Server Pages.

Jully 2006 - Jully 2007

Senior Microsoft .NET Development Engineer

Sanofi Aventis - France
12 months

Projects : Industrial Hygiene Analysis Extranet - SHI
Technical design, implementation, development, and support for the technical implementation of Industrial Hygiene Analysis Extranet - SHI. The SHI Web application lets the Industrial Hygiene Service managers to analyze operators' exposure to active ingredients with a significant risk factor. It manages the analysis bulletins life cycle, as well as the validation their workflows and generates all associated PDF documents.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 - .NET Framework 2.0 - C# - ASP.NET - UML - Oracle 9i – PL/SQL - Microsoft Visual Source Safe.

May 2002 - May 2004

Technical Leader & Microsoft .NET Architect

Orbit Communication Corp – Boston
Casablanca Office - Morocco
24 months

Projects : Several Microsoft .NET e-Business Projects.
Projects management, planning and technical supervision.Team weekly planning.
Functional and technical specifications drafting/writing. Code quality supervision.
Management and administration of Casablanca’s Office Datacenter.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 backups automation.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 - .NET Framework 1.1 - C# - ASP.NET - VB.NET - Microsoft Source Safe - LLBL Gen Pro - Embarcadero E/R Studio - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - Microsoft ISA Server - Parrallels Plesk - Parallels Plesk Billing - Microsoft Exchange.

April 2001 - April 2002

Web Development Engineer

AB-System - Morocco
12 months

Projects : SIHATI.NET - Health Web Portal.
Launch of the first health portal in Morocco, SIHATI.NET. An e-commerce solution dedicated to healthcare professionals. Definition of the technical architecture, development and implementation of the website.

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0 - Active Server Pages - Microsoft Visual C++ - Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - Sybase SQL Anywhere.

January 2000 - March 2001

Web Development Engineer

Casanet – Maroc Telecom - Morocco
15 months

Projects :
Safari Medical Extranet – ROCHE Pharmaceutical Laboratories.
Menara portal - Maroc Telecom.

Safari extranet design and development - ROCHE pharmaceutical laboratories in Casablanca, Morocco. The Safari extranet is a web application dedicated to Roche's medical delegates. It offers a follow-up of the commercial actions engaged by the laboratory sales representatives. It’s also an exchange platform to download media and training in electronic format. Design, development and maintenance of many sites of the first Telecom operator in Morocco: "Maroc Telecom".

Technical Environment :
Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0 - Active Server Pages 3.0 - Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 – Microsoft OLAP.


2004 - 2004

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Web Application Development and Implementation with Visual Studio.NET
Microsoft Certification # : 70-305
MCP ID# : 3212859
Casablanca – Morocco.